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Calligraphy: There are over 200 verses in the archive stock to choose from already completed. Every piece of calligraphy has been done by hand once, and then printed in black ink. All calligraphy is illustrated one at a time. Each week there will be new verses on display for sale. You also may get your own verses done. Pricing as follows:

Custom Calligraphy                                                          Archival Stock Calligraphy

Both Custom and Archival Calligraphy comes matted. You may also want to have this studio frame it. Get a price quote on that. All mat colors will be neutral colors unless specified. Personalization is FREE.

  1. Custom work does not go by the size generally;        
  2. Count the number of words x $0.35                      
  3. Design/ Art levels: Basic, Mid, Styled                     
  4. Custom Paper Colors/  Acid Free Stock                        
  5. Custom Mat & Frame                                                   
  6. Production Cost (cards or prints)                               
  7. Signature needed- this studio work on your work
  8. Copyright applies to all work done
  9. Any size can be done in Calligraphy up to 4ft x 8ft
  10. Payment of half down required; final payment beforedelivery. (Quotes that are given generally are honored
    unless the order changed). Postage costs are given atthe time of quote.

5 x 7       $10
8 x 10     $16
10 x 10   $18 (no art)/ $22 (art)
11 x 14   $35 (no art)/ $50 (art)
14 x 18   $85 & up
16 x 20   $125 & up

Note: Artwork, Words, Calligraphy, & Design is the property of M. A. Kinane Productions unless otherwise noted. Copyright laws apply.